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Your family destination since 1930.

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A picture of our campground. There is a line of classic cars by the office. Nearby is the playground, and a sandy area for playing volleyball. In the foreground is a swimming pool with kids swimming.

Our Campground

When we come here, we can leave behind all those things that are distractions in our daily lives.

—Rob and Leah Duddy
Happy the Camper

The Blue Rocks boulder field covers almost 15 acres in area. That’s a lot of room to hike!

The perfect way to enjoy PA!

Blue Rocks is a family-owned campground, dedicated to making your stay the best it can possibly be—we maintain a family-friendly environment that provides plenty of entertainment and excitement all through the year. With so much to see and do right in our backyard, it’s time for you to pack up the family and come pay us a visit!

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